Boos & Bravos: Feb. 5

Bravo to the Super Bowl for providing us with an exciting game and not a repeat of the BCS Bowl Game — an easy, one-sided victory is not worth of the pomp and circumstance surrounding football's finest hour. While the Ravens (and the 49ers) should be proud of themselves, however, it's obvious that the winner of the night was Beyoncé.

Boo to the lights going out in the second half. While the blackout lasted less than a half hour, it was still a little embarrassing for the power company. It couldn't really be helped, though. The Superdome just couldn't handle Beyoncé's performance. "Luckily," as Slate's Dave Weigel tweeted, "the bar for 'worst power outage at the Superdome' is set really high."

Bravo to the happy resolution of the Alabama kidnapping case. Perhaps "happy" is the wrong word when there is so much residual terror and trauma for the 5-year-old boy, who was kidnapped from a school bus after the bus driver was shot dead. But he was freed in time for his sixth birthday on Feb. 6. Getting to spend another birthday with him must be a vast relief for his family.

Boo to former South Carolina Republican Party executive director Todd Kincannon's awful, race-baiting tweets about the Super Bowl. His comments quite frankly aren't worth repeating. Suffice to say they were an unnecessary character assassination of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot and killed in Florida last year.

Bravo to the news of Tina Fey's collaboration with Jason Moore, the director of "Pitch Perfect." Any project with Fey's name on it is guaranteed to be hilarious.

Boo to the rise in credit card fraud around the state of Arizona, especially in Pinal and Lake Havasu City. Even Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was one of the victims of a suspected credit card fraud ring.

Bravo to the planned "Magic Mike" musical to open on Broadway, real lap dances included. A sequel to the 2012 hit film is also in the works. Boo to the death of bouncer and former ASU football player Tyrice Thompson at Martini Ranch in Scottsdale on Jan. 27. He was only 27 years old.

Bravo to National Pancake Day and to IHOP for providing free pancakes to all customers. As of press time, there were still a few hours left in the day. Maybe we saw you there.

Boo to rude petition signature gatherers. We know you get paid by the number of signatures you get on your forms, but please: No means no. You may be trolling for a great cause, but rudeness gets you nowhere.


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