Devil Dish: Clowney not ready for NFL

South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney has every imaginable tool necessary to be the next great DE in the NFL.

He is massive (6 feet, 6 inches tall and 256 pounds); Clowney is also ridiculously quick off the ball and posses an exceptional swim move.

However, there is one thing Clowney doesn’t have: age.

Clowney is only a sophomore, and it has been speculated he may attempt to challenge the NCAA’s eligibility rule. The rule stipulates that players must be out of high school for at least three years before they can declare for the draft. Clowney has only been out for two.

With another year in college, he’ll be able to continue his education, get even bigger and receive more coaching that will make him even more prepared for the NFL.

If he lives up to the hype, he’ll dominate next year and improve on his 13 sacks (tied for third in the nation) and 21.5 tackles for loss he amassed last season.

Clowney is an exceptional talent and truly a man among boys at the college level, but he shouldn’t try to leave early.

The money and the acclaim will be there for him next year, too.


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