Out of Bounds: Little-Known ASU Sports Twitter Accounts

Social media exploded within the last decade. Facebook came first and then Twitter. “Hashtags” “twitpic” “tweet” and “handle” have all become a part of the daily American lexicon. Twitter is basically everything about your day that you wouldn’t want to share on Facebook. A “tweet” is a jumble of words or sentences thrown together in 140 characters or less.

It’s a way for superstars from entertainment to athletes to connect with their fan base. The best part about Twitter is that it’s uncensored. More often than not, the account is run by the person themselves and occasionally, if you’re looking close enough, something unwarranted may slip out. Athletes bank account’s even occasionally take a hit when they’re fined for something they said on Twitter.

ASU athletes are advised to watch what they tweet and usually they are pretty good about keeping things G-rated. If you’re on Twitter, I’ve compiled a list below of some of the best ASU athletics Twitter accounts to follow. I’m not out to get any certain person. These are just fun people or groups to follow. You may not know about most of these people or groups and that’s why I want to shed light on them. They stretch outside the official university athletics accounts and usually give a great look inside ASU athletics or live and breath ASU sports.



Pitchers have always been their own breed of baseball player. A lot of stress is on these guys to get the job done so they need an outlet. ASU baseball pitchers Trevor Williams, Darin Gillies, Mark Lambson, and Adam McCreery created this Twitter account to show how they live during the baseball season. These guys are never at a loss for words on Twitter. They are hilarious and come right up to the line, but never cross it. From proclaiming that Brent Musburger will “creep” on their girlfriends when they make it to Omaha for the college world series, or “Kaepernicking” in the ASU baseball locker room, these guys deserve a follow.



Kyle Dodd is the color analyst on radio for ASU basketball. A former Sun Devil basketball player himself, Dodd can give great insight into the game and travels with the team as well. Dodd loves his Lakers too but those tweets are few and far between. He loves his Sun Devils and it shows. He even tweets during games to give his two cents and it’s almost always accurate.



This is the Twitter account of the Sun Devil football equipment managers. These types of accounts have trended lately and you can find them for almost every university. I like this account for its “behind the scenes” aspect. They always tweet out photos of the team at practice or the stadium locker room in the hours before game time. They tweet out pictures of the game day uniforms and gave great coverage of what the team was doing in San Francisco during the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.



Do you love throwing up the pitchfork with your hands? This account is for you. Send these guys a picture of you throwing up a fork in a cool location and they’ll post it. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the White House, this account proves Sun Devils and Pitchforks are everywhere

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