Sun Devil Streetwear: Sun Devil Fashion Week

As New York Fashion Week kicks off today, another fashion week is beginning as well: Sun Devil Fashion Week. Unknown to many students walking around campus, their fellow Sun Devils were making campus look like Bryant Park (or now, to much debate, Lincoln Center). For most of us fashionistas/os who can't make it to New York this week because of school or a tight college budget, this week acts as an opportunity for us to be at fashion week in spirit and dress in our best, even if we look out of place walking to class.

Here are a few students who debuted their spring style and made Sun Devil Fashion Week, chic:

sdsw26.jpg Photos courtesy of Haleigh DiIullo
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1.Chelsea Fasso, business communication junior Polka-dot Dress (Target)

2. John Oyas, economics freshman Polo Vest (Ralph Lauren), Ray Ban Club Masters, Shoes (Sperry Topsiders)

3. Jerard De Leon, photography freshman Outfit (Forever 21 online)

4. Lauren Abril, English literature junior Skirt (Forever 21), Shoes (Thrift store)

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