Tech Spec: Spring Phone News

Now that the spring weather is upon us, all of the goodies that come along with spring are here too. One of my favorite things that happens now is hearing about rumors of new technology, specifically smartphones, that will be released in the coming months. There are a few devices that consumers should keep an eye out for next time they upgrade their mobile tech. First on the list is Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s entire Galaxy S family has gone to become hits of their time. The Galaxy S2 and S3 were released with high-end specs for their times, respectively (the Galaxy S2’s specs can still hold its own to today’s dual-core phone lineup, even though it was released almost two years ago). While the third generation (Galaxy S3) was only released eight months ago, it looks like Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S4 in March, as their Unpacked event is set for the 14th. The latest rumors on the phone’s specs are that it will probably pack a 4.9 inch 1080p screen, a 1.9GHz quad–core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a 13–megapixel camera. If this phone comes together as rumored, Samsung will be giving its competitors a run for their money. Since the Galaxy S line has built a strong following and produced beautiful devices, the next iteration will likely have people lining up to get their hands on the Galaxy S4.

For all the iOS fans, there are rumors spreading that Apple will release both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. According to posts, these two devices are supposed to be released by the end of the year, with the iPhone 5S coming out around June or July. The iPhone 5S is expected to follow suit with the other S models, in that it appears the same, but will have some beefed up specs, like a faster processor. If you can hold out, wait for the iPhone 6, which is believed to have a 5” screen and be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 5 and 5S. While there is no ETA on the iPhone 6, keep an eye out for an influx of rumors on web; more rumors mean that the product is closer to its launch.

The spring season, means phone rumors! One of the biggest hyped rumors right now is Motorola’s X Phone. Photo by Courtland Jeffrey The spring season, means phone rumors! One of the biggest hyped rumors right now is Motorola’s X Phone. Photo by Courtland Jeffrey

Personally, I am excited for Motorola’s next big swing in the smartphone game, the X Phone. Over the past two years, Motorola has gone from the leading manufacturer with Android (the original Droid) and faded into the background as they produced lackluster devices. But back in May, Google bought the mobile division of Motorola, Motorola Mobility, and together they are looking to retake a share of the Android market (no pun intended). The X Phone is supposed to be every Android nerd’s dream. It will have top of line specs that should match the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S.

One of the major selling points is that there is a chance they are making this phone on the cheap, so people can buy it off-contract without denting their savings account. Since Motorola and Google are working together on this device, there is speculation that it could be the next Nexus device (for those who do not know, a Nexus device is built without any software skins; it is the pure Android operating system). The X Phone is rumored to be headlining at Google’s I/O convention in May. Bringing all of these aspects together, while using a brand that was once held highly by the Android community, could make a huge dent in Samsung and Apple’s dominance of the smartphone industry.

Mark your calendars, people. As of right now, if you are considering a new smartphone, one of these should be in your crosshairs. As a Motorola and Google diehard, I am getting giddy about the possibility of something amazing coming from the two in the form of the X Phone. This is beginning to look like it is going to be an awesome year for smartphone buyers.


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