Tempe student government votes to fund Devils in Disguise

The Tempe Undergraduate Student Government voted Tuesday to break its own rules in order to delegate funds to an on-campus care event. USG’s appropriations committee typically does not give funds to student groups for the purpose of transportation, because almost $200,000 was left unused in the transportation fund last year.

However, USG passed Senate Bill 58, which allocates money to the transportation costs of Devils in Disguise, at Tuesday night's meeting in the Memorial Union.

Emily Reynolds, lead staff member supporting Devils in Disguise, said the event is the largest student-organized day of service at ASU. Reynolds approached all four undergraduate student governments and requested that they each cover a specific cost. USG was requested to cover transportation costs, such as fees for the use of buses.

This is the first year that Devils in Disguise will take place on all four campuses.

Jeffrey Green, a member of the appropriations committee, proposed SB 57 which would eliminate pay for all USG senate members. The bill sparked debate among the senators and is scheduled to be heard again at USG's next meeting.

Green also proposed SB 54, which would allow USG members to wear casual clothing during their meetings provided that they wore that clothing to class. USG requires its members wear professional clothing or clothing from their place of work.

Green said he has a woodworking class before USG meetings, and it is difficult for him to change before the meetings. Opponents to the bill said it is crucial to maintain professionalism in USG. SB 54 was tabled until the next meeting.


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