The Campus Closet: H&M’s Initiative for Sustainability

Photo courtesy H&M. Photo courtesy of H&M.

Trendy and affordable H&M is the queen of “disposable fashion.” To many college-age trend setters H&M has become a place where they can get trendy clothing for cheap. But trends don’t always last to the next season, and neither do the clothes. This raises an issue with sustainability.

The insane amounts of cheap clothing they create is harmful to the environment, and contaminates many natural fibers. In efforts to better the damage H&M has created the first-ever global clothing recycle program, and are offering a discount to anyone who participates.

“Our sustainability efforts are rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility,” says Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M. “We want to do good for the environment, which is why we are now offering our customers a convenient solution: to be able to leave their worn-out or defective garments with H&M.”

Photo courtesy H&M Photo courtesy of H&M

Starting this month you can bring any old clothing to any H&M store and receive a fifteen percent discount off any item. They then will send the clothing off to a European company called i:co where they will reprocess the clothing into materials that will be able to be made into a new H&M garments, not a bad deal huh?

Clothes can be ripped, stained, and any brand, which gives customers a real initiative to go through their closets and shop at their store, which is kind of a catch 22, but at least a step in the right direction. Happy shopping and recycling!


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