Top 5 UK artists to venture into US next

Over the past few years, the American music scene has seen a new wave of British artists dominating the charts. From power-vocalist Adele, to catchy boy band One Direction, the recent success of British musicians in the U.S. has inspired many popular foreign artists to try their luck at the American music scene. While some have flopped (Ever heard of Rebecca Ferguson?) others have seen their careers skyrocket. Here are five British artists that are making their way to America in 2013 and might actually stand a chance.


1. The Saturdays – This five-piece girl group rose to fame the U.K. in 2008 with their modern, dance-pop music. They have since released four albums in the U.K. with another set for release later this year. They are currently rising to popularity in the U.S. thanks to their new reality television show "Chasing the Saturdays" on E!. The show follows the girls as they attempt to break into the American music market. They’ve also just released an EP of the same name and their U.S. debut single, "What About Us," is set to premiere on Top 40 radio stations in March.

2. Olly Murs – Much like international sensation One Direction, this Englishman got his start on the U.K. singing competition, "The X Factor." His talent and charm got him all the way to the finals in 2009, where he finished in second place. However, since then he has become much more successful than the actual winner. He has already released three albums in the U.K. and earned four No. 1 singles. He has spent the last few months traveling the country on a radio-promotion tour for his U.S. debut single, "Troublemaker," and his album, "Right Place Right Time," which is set to release on April 16.

3. Lawson – At first glance Lawson may seem like just another British boy band. However, what sets it apart from groups like One Direction or The Wanted is the fact that it's a full-out band that plays its own instruments. After just barely releasing its debut album in October 2012, it has quickly set sights on America. A few weeks ago Lawson performed to sold-out crowds in both L.A. and New York City. While it is currently preparing for its first headlining tour in the U.K., Lawson has plans to come back to the U.S. later in the year. One of its most popular singles in U.K. and potential single here in the U.S. is "Taking Over Me."

4. Little Mix – Another creation of The X Factor, this four-piece girl group was formed during the auditions in 2011 and went all the way to win the competition. Little Mix is currently touring the U.K. after releasing its debut album, "D.N.A.", at the end of 2012. The album features a variety of club-ready dance tunes and harmonically beautiful ballads. Its first U.S. single, "Wings," was released on iTunes a few weeks ago and though the group has had no promotion here, it has already performed surprisingly well due to social media attention. Little Mix's current tour wraps up at the end of February and then it is likely that it will make its way over to America to promote its single and subsequent album.

5.Rizzle Kicks – This hip-hop duo is quite different from the other artists on the list. Known for its fun energy and clever lyrics, Rizzle Kicks has quickly risen to popularity in the U.K. Its debut album, "Stereo Typical," was released in 2011 and hit mainstream in 2012 with a sold-out tour. Although only two months in, 2013 has already proved to be an even bigger year for the duo. It has been touring the U.S. with Grammy nominated, and fellow British artist, Ed Sheeran on his sold-out tour. While the duo hasn’t announced any official plans for a U.S. single or album release yet, touring with Ed Sheeran has definitely put Rizzle Kicks on America’s radar. Its big hit in the U.K. and potential single here in the U.S. is "Down with Trumpets."


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