Devil Dish: A guide to NBA booing

This past Sunday, the Oklahoma City Thunder went to Dallas to play the Mavericks, and it was the first time Derek Fisher was back after his brief stint with Dallas.

If you aren't familiar, around Christmas time, Fisher asked Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to release him because he felt he needed to be closer to his family.

Sixty-five days later, he signs with the Oklahoma City Thunder, who has a much better record.

As Fisher checked in, Mavs fans booed like crazy.

It's something all to familiar in the NBA. Fans will boo for anything. And they make weird decisions for what exactly they boo. Players who do the exact same thing get different treatments.

In Steve Nash's case, you get opposite treatments in the same game.

Fisher's move is worth an eye roll at best. The guy was on your team for like a month and a half and averaged eight points, Mavs fans! Just calm down a little bit.

The boo can be very powerful, and here are the acceptable times to use it:

- After a bad call in the final seconds of a close game.

- When a franchise player who preached loyalty ditches your team for a contender. (You can boo him only on his first two visits back. After that, it is sad.)

- If a player's name is Kobe Bryant.

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