ASU Tempe student government passes three bills in first meeting of semester

The Tempe campus Undergraduate Student Government passed three bills Tuesday evening at its first meeting of the semester.

Senate Bills 43, 44 and 45 were passed after brief discussions and debates between senate members.

Senate Bill 43 appropriated funds for Student Emergency Medical Services, giving the organization $4915.12 for the spring semester's operating costs.

Senate Bill 44 amended the appropriation bylaws, allowing for a change in the amount of money clubs and organizations are allowed to receive from the appropriations committee.

Senate Bill 45 addressed the election codes for the coming USG election later in the semester. The bill is focused on rules and regulations for candidates during campaigns.

A debate took place during the discussion of the bill between senators about the wording of parts of the bill, particularly section 5, which addresses where students are allowed to campaign.

After clarification on the section in question, the bill was called for a vote and passed.

USG Tempe President Jordan Davis asked the senate to research the fees in their individual academic programs to make sure students are not paying unnecessary costs in their fields of study and to work on ways to bring the costs down if they are.


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