Boos & Bravos: Jan. 13

Bravo to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for recognizing Utah's new same-sex marriages. Because he recognized the marriages, 1,138 federal benefits will be extended to these new couples. Boo to media coverage connecting Francois Hollande's infidelity and the French first lady's hospitalization. She was admitted to a Parisian hospital Sunday morning and is undergoing tests and monitoring.

Bravo to HBO for offering the "Girls" Season 3 premiere on YouTube as well as renewing the show for a fourth season. This season premiered on HBO on Sunday and on YouTube on Monday.

Boo to Alex Rodriguez for being suspended for 162 games. Rodriguez will have to sit out the 2014 season as punishment for using performance-enhancing drugs. He stands to lose $25 million of the remaining $86 million left on his contract.

Bravo to India for being declared polio-free on Monday. Jan. 13 marks the three-year anniversary of the last polio case in India. Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the final countries with cases of the disease.

Boo to the rhino-hunting permit that was sold Saturday for $350,000 at a Dallas auction. The permit allows its owner to hunt endangered African black rhinos in Namibia. The Dallas Safari Club, the event’s sponsor, received criticism from wildlife and animal rights groups.

Bravo to a Pakistani teenager who stopped a suicide bomber by tackling him, saving his entire school on Jan. 6. Aitzaz Hassan died when the bomb exploded, but there were no other victims. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif advised President Mamnoon Hussain to give the boy the star of bravery.

Boo to the Bridgegate/Bridgeghazi scandal. Senior officials in New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's administration abused the public trust when they created a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge that quadrupled commute times and delayed emergency vehicles, allegedly in retaliation against a mayor who withheld an endorsement for Christie's re-election. Also, boo to derivative nicknames like "Bridgegate" and "Bridgeghazi" who comes up with these things?

Boo to credit card theft that affected major chains during the holiday season. Neiman Marcus confirmedon Saturdaythat thieves had made unauthorized charges to customers' accounts, and Target was the subject of a similar attack in December.

Bravo to the Tempe Union High School District for considering introducing a new sex education curriculum, but boo to community members who have protested Planned Parenthood's involvement. TUHSD's health education hardly helps students, and it desperately needs an overhaul.

Boo to the chemical spillage in West Virginia that contaminated water for approximately 300,000 residents in nine counties. Those whose water was affected were advised to use bottled water for drinking, bathing and other hygienic purposes.


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