Boos & Bravos: Jan. 30

Bravo to ASU sophomore point guard Jahii Carson for reaching the 1,000-point milestone in his 55th game as a Sun Devil. Only Ike Diogu (50 games) and James Harden (52 games) reached 1,000 career points quicker than Carson. Boo to the unfortunate options that the U.S. Olympic teams have to wear at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The uniforms, designed by Ralph Lauren, were unveiled on Jan. 23 and look like Uncle Sam threw up on an alpaca. 

Boo to billionaire Tom Perkins for his letter to The Wall Street Journal comparing frustrations over income inequality to a "progressive Kristallnacht." Perkins seems personally outraged that individuals in the San Francisco Bay area are intolerant of an ever-widening wealth gap that is threatening to create new hardships for those without extreme wealth in the area.

Bravo to the Undergraduate Student Government Downtown for passing Senate Bill 19, which requires all bills and revisions to be posted online two business days before votes for public review. This is a real step towards increased transparency, so long as USG Downtown makes sure the rule is followed.

Boo to MSNBC for its coverage of Justin Bieber’s arrest. News anchor Andrea Mitchell interrupted former Congresswoman Jane Harman mid-sentence during an interview on National Security Agency spying to inform viewers.

Bravo to protesters in Kiev, Ukraine, who have braved freezing temperatures to show their support of the country joining the European Union. When so many Americans are reluctant to do more than click the "like" button on Facebook, there's something admirable about this level of civil disobedience.

Boo to Mother Nature for causing extreme misfortune to two different types of animals: doves and cats. In the U.K., a tornado lifted up four feral cats and, in the words of one observer, "went round like a big paper bag." At the Vatican, two doves released by children standing near Pope Francis were immediately attacked by a crow and seagull. One dove escaped the seagull but was pecked "repeatedly" by the crow.

Bravo to Beyoncé and Jay Z's excellent performance of "Drunk in Love" at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Lorde may have won Song of the Year for "Royals," but we all know who the real "Queen Bee" is.

Boo to the resurgence of preventable diseases like the measles, mumps and polio as a result of misinformation about vaccines and a decrease in childhood immunization rates over the last few years. A since-discredited 1998 study said vaccinations were linked to autism, causing the drop in vaccinations and uptick in preventable diseases that we see today.

Bravo to the software tool seller Intuit Inc., which is sponsoring a competitive promotion that gives one small business the opportunity to have a professional commercial played during one of television's most lusted-after spots: the Super Bowl.

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