Disney’s 'Frozen' melts hearts through touching themes

Disney’s latest production, "Frozen," has dominated box offices and Spotify playlists alike since late November, captivating audiences of all ages. Headlines across the board have deemed the film and soundtrack lasting successes, bringing back the vibe of classic Disney.

Deadline.com. reported, “To date, 'Frozen' has grossed an estimated $655.2 million worldwide, and the picture is still playing on 3,318 screens going into the weekend. 'Frozen' actually could surpass 'Finding Nemo,' which took in $340 million and $528 million on its initial run for a worldwide total of $868 million."

The film's also reeled in the No. 1 spot on the "Billboard 200" list, knocking down Beyoncé’s wildly popular eponymous album. Queen B, along with other recent Disney soundtracks, are no match for the dynamic royal duo in the film.

“'Frozen' is just the fourth animated film soundtrack to reach No. 1 since the 'Billboard 200' became a regularly published weekly chart in 1956,” Billboard reported.

From the beautiful songs scattered throughout the film to the lovable snowman sidekick, there are countless reasons to fall in love with the cold cast. One of the most powerful aspects of this movie is the prominent theme of familial love built between sisters Anna and Elsa.

Disney often toys with the theme of love through the unoriginal plot of "Prince Charming sweeping a lonely princess off her feet." While this does happen early in the film, a sense of estranged love between the two sisters is consistent throughout the length of the movie, begging for a resolution.

Audiences are rooting for Anna and Elsa to mend their relationship, rather than find their Prince Charmings.

“It's really refreshing to see an animated film anchored by two strong women, who while technically are ‘princesses,’ don't act like fussed-over royalty. And while there is a romantic strain in the film, it's definitely not your typical Disney romance,” Drew Taylor of Moviefone said.

"Frozen" proves to be extremely relatable, melting hearts across the country through its empowering focus on the importance of familial bonds. Disney is finally breaking the mold that happiness can only be achieved by falling in love with Mr. Right.

“It seems fair to say that everyone wants straight girls to aim for good guys, but most don’t want them to think that aiming for guys is their primary objective — so it is crucial not to keep portraying girls and young women in Disney films as passive and sighing (think Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty),” Akash Nikolas of The Atlantic said.

Recent Disney princess films such as "The Princess and the Frog," "Brave" and "Tangled" help lay the foundation for the inspiring new direction of princess potentials, driven by dreams of living a life independently from what is expected. Snow White’s dependent days of “Someday my Prince Will Come” are being left in the dust by these forward-thinking royals.

However, even in "Frozen," true love is still a factor in the princess equation. But after seeing the movie, girls may rethink their source for finding “the one,” throwing Prince Charming to the curb.

“The truth, though, is that there is nothing wrong with girls (or boys) dreaming of Prince Charming, as long as it’s not the only dream we give them,” Nikolas said.

Disney is finally paving the way for young audiences to dream higher than castles and wedding bells, encouraging kids (and even adults) to define their own independence.


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