Sound Devil: Why I Press Play


Hello, fellow word and sound junkies. My name is Isabelle. I’m a second semester senior who’s motivated enough to create this IMG_6464blog, but you can’t count on me to get dressed up for class or complete any extra credit. Those days are long gone. Originally from Wisconsin (the cold state near Canada), I study journalism and English literature and intern for Gannet’s Phoenix Design Studio at the Arizona Republic. When time permits, I enjoy fondling things such as yoga, coffee, art, literature, travel, craft beer and food. You could say I’m a big proponent of music too.

I guess I come from a musical family. My mom is a piano teacher and my dad plays instruments in bands that range from rock ’n’ roll to swing and everything in between. The instruments span from electric guitar to accordion. A familiar hum of piano in our living room and guitar in our basement will forever provide the soundtrack to my childhood memories. That being said, the only music I "play" streams from my iTunes library.

Music — a driving force across the board of civilization — is the glue that holds my life together and allows me to retain a sense of sanity amid chaos. The irony of music is that the sound can silence our outside world for even just a brief moment of treasured clarity. Whether jittery for a job interview or nostalgic over some great loss, music provides a profoundly peaceful and inherently unique form of self-medication. And, all you have to do is press play.

Through this blog, Sound Devil, I’d like to share my musical endeavors with family, friends and strangers. Although I try to keep my mind and ears open to new realms of sound, my favorite genres include indie and British rock, folk, acoustic, electronic and hip-hop. Along with my typical gushing over artists and tunes, I hope to offer a more thoughtful narrative on how music transcends the day-to-day into something bigger. I hope we share similar experiences. I hope this hits home.

Later, listeners.

Reach the blogger at or on Twitter @isabellenovak.

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