A psychedelic and atheist-rock playlist

Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

I don’t know about you, but the music I listen to varies. Sure, some particular artists and songs will forever hold a special place in my heart, but one of the most exciting aspects of music for me has always been discovery. My heart races when I hear a song good enough to “Shazam” or read lyrics that resonate with me on a blog. I have a methodical approach to music-listening that was subconscious for a long time. I create playlists on iTunes according to emotional and spiritual phases of my life. These often end up satisfying me through semesters, seasons or even lengthy trips.

Here’s a look at what’s streaming through my most recent playlist. I’ve named it "forward."



“Drop the Game” by Flume and Chet Faker — I’ve recently become obsessed with hunting down the most delicious artist collaborations. My heart skipped a beat when I first heard this song. Chet Faker has been a love of mine for almost a year. His soulful, jazzy voice is the perfect, unexpected complement to Flume’s electro-instrumentals.

“The Worst Guys (feat. Chance The Rapper)” by Childish Gambino — Again with the collabs. Childish Gambino’s sophomore album quickly became one of my favorite hip-hop albums across the board. Listening to this song is my three-minute equivalent of cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down.

“Modern Jesus” by Portugal. The Man — It feels wrong to admit, but I’ve had this band in my iTunes library for years without giving it a solid chance. When I was home in Milwaukee for winter break, I heard “Modern Jesus” on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee (a station I miss daily in Arizona). Cue Shazam. This song turned out to be one of those rare, magical experiences where the sound lived up to the message. And the video did the whole masterpiece justice. Even if "atheist indie rock" isn’t your thing, I promise that there’s an underlying message of liberation worth listening to.

“Mind Mischief” by Tame Impala — This is the catchiest, mellowest thing around. If “The Worst Guys” is driving down the California coast, then “Mind Mischief” is drinking an alcoholic beverage on the sand. Sometimes you just need to indulge in a laidback, psychedelic song to boost your spirits.

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