Tempe Police: Man rolls blunt in parked car

Tempe Police reported the following incident Monday:

  • A 23-year-old Phoenix man was arrested Feb. 1 on the northwest corner of West Fifth Street and South Farmer Avenue on suspicion of marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession, according to a police report.

    Police contacted the man while he and another man were sitting inside a car in a parking lot, police said.

    The man was sitting in the driver seat, and both had open containers, according to the report.

    Police watched the men shove an unknown item between their legs, the report said.

    While speaking with the other man, police saw a blunt filled with marijuana on the dashboard in front of him, police said.

    The man informed police that a grinder was located above the car’s gear shifter in the center console, the report said.

    The blunt and grinder contained usable amounts of a green leafy substance identified as marijuana, and a digital scale was also in the vehicle, police said.

    After being read his Miranda Rights, the man told officers he was aware that drugs were in the vehicle, because the drugs were his and he and the other man rolled the blunt so they could smoke before socializing on Mill Avenue, the report said.

    The man said he had marijuana in his grinder before arriving at the parking lot and that he uses the digital scale to verify the amount of marijuana that he purchases for personal use, police said.

    The men were transported to Tempe City Jail, where they were booked and released pending charges.

Report compiled by Adam Halleck

Reach the reporter at ahalleck@asu.edu or follow him on Twitter @adam_halleck

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