The Big Kid Bucket List

Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

College students carry the label, "Young and Dumb."

In reality, you don't have to be young or dumb, or even in college to do fun, crazy things. Things such as skydiving seem to be more socially acceptable when done before age 25.



So, I say that we completely and utterly take advantage of this social predisposition. Here is a small (and in no way comprehensive) bucket list for the standard college student:

  • Go to a party. Seriously. They don't need to be ragers or on Project X level. It can be a kick-back, but it's an experience that everyone should take part in at least once. Drinking isn't necessary. Illegal drug use is well, ILLEGAL and shouldn't be done anyway. Just go with good friends and if you hate it, then leave after an hour. At best, you'll have fun. At worst, you can spend that hour judging people and you'll have a story to tell.
  • Play hooky. Plan this day out carefully, but sometimes, skipping class and going for a hike with your friends is necessary. Missing one class won't kill you, but don't make a habit of skipping. Know when your test dates are coming up and be aware of your responsibilities, but sometimes being a little reckless is exactly what you need.
  • Marathon an entire season on Netflix in ONE NIGHT and go to class the next day. This is the ultimate challenge. Guaranteed by 4 a.m. you and your friends will be an exhausted, giggly mess, but the memory will be one you cherish. Also, there is nothing better in this world than conversations just before dawn because everything is hilarious.
  • Go on a road trip. If it's just to a small little town an hour away, it still counts! The experience is about being in a car with your friends and a radio. You'll come back with inside jokes and memories to reminisce over.
  • Go camping with friends. Turn off your phones. Bring a disposable camera, sleeping bags, and terrible junk food. There's something exhilarating about taking pictures that we can't review (most come out terrible and extremely funny). You aren't tempted to sit on Facebook instead of participating. It gets you away from school stress, and social media. It brings you in contact with nature. Camping is a great way to learn how to talk to people again. You come back with a clear mind and a new calmness.
  • Have an unplanned sleepover and watch terrible movies or play board games. Just congregate in a house and stay over. Laugh. Be free. Life is so much more than schedules.
  • Film a vlog. It may be incredibly boring, but it challenges you to look at your life and if you like where you are right now. It may even inspire change.
Comment below with any ideas that I can add to the Big Kid Bucket List. What do you want to do before you graduate?

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