Let's keep Austin weird

Austin, Texas, does have extremely affordable living and plenty of job opportunities — but that’s not why it’s the city to live in. It’s great for many reasons: culture, southern hospitality, a lush environment, plenty of activities to do, great weather and of course, the music scene.

Los Angeles and New York City seem to have some competition. These cities just may not be the “it” city anymore.

For years, a majority of individuals who lie on their bed dreaming of where they would end up one day staring up at the ceiling dreamt of either an international destination, or very often and more often, the City of Angels or the Big Apple. However, perhaps those cities lack one extremely important thing that, well, Austin doesn’t: the relaxed lifestyle.



Austin, the capital of Texas, is a city of relaxation rather than pure intensity. This sets it apart from cities such as Los Angeles and New York City. Everyone who finds shelter and comfort there are fighting their way through the day trying to beat everyone to the varying opportunities provided. Sure, the opportunities the great cities provide are in abundance and some once in a lifetime, but what many don’t realize is those opportunities exist in Austin and the competition isn’t nearly as fierce.

Each year, thousands of men and women flock to Los Angeles to take their shot at the music industry, hoping to be picked up by a major label and offered a record deal that will change their life. However, only a handful, if any, will find themselves as lucky. What nobody seems to realize is Austin is the live music capital, offering music and film events, such as Austin City Limits, Fun Fun Fun Fest and South by Southwest.

Each year in March, SXSW occurs in Austin, opening their bars, hotels and other venues to A-list artists who want to share the stage with artists trying to catch their big break.

Kelsea Marshal, a freshman at Abilene Christian University, who enjoyed the concerts offered by SXSW, spoke about the music and film conference.

“I think it’s awesome that I was just randomly shopping on South Congress and a person was having a concert on the street," she said. It’s so cool that a big artist is willing to share the stage with an artist trying to make their name, because all big artists were once there at the same place as struggling artists. It’s just cool to see them come together and both get recognitions and praise.”

There are so many opportunities in Austin and yet so many people over look them. Austin is a city of great beginnings and all it needs now is people who want to take the opportunities and run with them.

So yeah, let’s keep Austin weird and the music flowing and maybe, just maybe, the world will realize it’s the place to be.

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