MLB instant replay: Is slowing baseball down worth getting the call right?

kwitI’ve always advocated the “human element” in baseball. I don’t want an electronic strike zone or technology on the bases, but the new MLB replay system was the obvious next move.

With everyone having HD televisions and DVR now, people can just rewind and make decisions for themselves, so the MLB had to respond with the only logical next step.

The first use of the new system was used in spring training after a single from Minnesota Twins first baseman Chris Rahl March 3, and I'm starting to see the benefits of stepping into the 21st century.



My only concern is if this addition is going to slow the game down even more. Baseball already gets enough flak for being a “slow” sport, so is this time-consuming addition good for the sport?

Getting the call right is crucial — I’m not denying that — what I’m worried about is baseball's image being degraded more from the outside, limiting its future popularity.

Who knows, maybe the replay system is just what we need to get fans tuning in, and maybe it’s the only place left to go.

All I can say is that I can’t wait to see a game-changing call at the plate get reversed after a replay, and see how a stadium of fans reacts. Hopefully it’s the right move, but only time will tell.

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