Seven tips for a safe spring break

Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez. Graphic by Noemi Gonzalez.

The spring break experience is like the senior prom of high school — except you get four of them. It's a week of shenanigans, beaches and friends. Spring break is basically a free for all for kids to get buck-wild and be carefree.

With that much excitement, we need to be proactive about our safety and be aware of the situations we put ourselves in.

The carefree attitude of students everywhere is wonderful to see because it means that people are living their lives to the fullest. But "YOLO" is as dangerous as it is fundamental. Young adults suffer from the "I am invincible" mentality.



We believe that because we're young and free, we can get away with absolutely anything. Living your life to the fullest doesn't mean doing every stupid thing that sounds the slightest bit fun.

Being cognizant of your safety and the safety of your friends is just as important as having a good time during spring break. Here are some tips and tricks for the spring break enthusiast:

  • Know your limits. Use your brain before drinking. Set up a plan with your friends. Who's going to bring the water and when? Keep each other accountable for the number of drinks you have each hour.
  • Have a designated driver, or what I call a "friend shepherd." This person is responsible for herding your crew back to the hotel room after fun times. Plan this out before going anywhere. And if it's you, be responsible.
  • Don't drink anything that's not your own. Trust no one. It sounds paranoid, but better safe than sorry.
  • Don't go anywhere on your own. Keep your phone on you at all times. Tell someone where you're going. Don't leave friends alone.
  • Pay attention to cultural norms wherever you go. Respect the people of the place you go, and you'll be better off for it.
  • Don't do anything illegal. Just don't.
  • Make plans that are as fun as they are relaxing. It's always better to have some chill time planned into your vacation.
Have a great spring break!

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