Tempe Police: Drunk man's car hangs from ledge near Tempe Town Lake

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Wednesday:

  • A 41-year-old Mesa man was arrested March 14 on the 60 block of East Rio Salado Parkway on suspicion of aggravated driving under the influence, according to a police report.

    Site security found the man's vehicle hanging over a landscape stair that leads to Tempe Town Lake, police said.

    Police found the man as he was attempting to move his vehicle, according to the report.

    The passenger side tire of the car was hanging over the ledge, the report said.

    Police said records checks revealed that the man had a revoked out-of-state license and had multiple counts of previous DUI charges.

    The man was too impaired to perform a Field Sobriety Test and submitted to a PBT in the field which yielded results of a breath alcohol concentration of 0.215, the report said.

    The man was booked into Tempe City Jail and was held to see a judge, according to the report.

  • A 29-year-old Phoenix man was arrested March 14 on the 400 block of South Mill Avenue on suspicion of possession of a weapon while prohibited and possession of a firearm within a liquor establishment, according to a police report.

    Security staff of The Tavern in Tempe called police about a subject with a gun, the report said.

    When police asked the man if he had a gun, he said yes and reached for it, prompting police to detain him, police said.

    Law officers found a loaded gun and a large pocketknife on the man, the report said.

    The man said he was not aware that it was a crime to carry the gun that he uses for protection, police said.

    A background check revealed multiple felony counts, the report said.

    The man was transported and booked into Tempe City Jail, according to the report.

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