Undergraduate Student Government discusses appropriations, rules of order, equality

Appropriations, rules of order, equality and a concert were the topics of the night for the Undergraduate Student Government 11th Legislature's ninth regular session.

Appropriations committee chairman Sen. Nathan Duell said the committee has emailed the organizations that have received funding as well as those organizations who were denied funding.

Sen. Ao Jiao introduced Senate Bill 60, an act approving funds for Medabrim, a Hebrew club, in the amount of $650 following the caps set by the 2014 spring cycle.



The president of Medabrim spoke on the misunderstanding that had taken place when submitting the club's budget for the semester and asked the senate to be able to resubmit their budget for the semester.

Sen. Nathan Duell reminded all senators that if multiple budgets were submitted the organization would be denied funds.

Sen. President Pro Tempore Tristian Trevino said the last senate meeting set a precedent where the senate needs to approve these bills so as not to discriminate against any organizations and to remain consistent in its rulings.

The bill was moved to second read, where it was passed 12-2 with four abstaining.

Senate Bill 61 was also introduced by Sen. Jiao as an act restricting behaviors for USG Tempe senate meetings.

Sen. Javar Van Buren objected to the bill, saying he "just didn't approve."

Jiao called unnecessary finger snapping or clapping during senate meetings rude and weird.

Van Buren said the use of finger snapping during poetry readings is used as a sign of respect and is not used during senate meetings as a sign of disrespect.

Sen. Jordan Hibbs clarified that a senate meeting and a poetry reading were not the same thing.

The bill was moved to second read where it was tabled and sent back to committee.

Senate Bill 62, an act approving funds for the Business School Council in the amount of $900, was also introduced.

Ian Beck, vice president of activities for the Business School Council, spoke on behalf of the organization asking for the funds for a large event the council has every year.

Duell said the Business School Council event will have more than 200 people in attendance.

The bill was moved to second read, where it was passed by a large majority.

Senate Bill 63, an act approving funds in the amount of $850 for Pi Sigma Epsilon Iota Chapter, a new fraternity on campus, was introduced by Jiao.

The bill was moved to second read, where it was passed 12-2 with three abstaining.

Senate Bill 64, an act to assure proper conduct at USG Tempe Senate meetings, was introduced by Trevino. The bill will make the senate meet expectations of professionalism and if a senator continues to be out of order and refuses to leave after being asked, ASU security will be called in if necessary to remove the person from the meeting.

The bill was moved to second read, where it was passed by a large majority.

Senate Bill 65, an act approving the funds in the amount of $4,750 for The Maine concert at ASU, introduced by Hibbs, will allow local band The Maine to come to the ASU Tempe Barrett Complex for a free concert for students at the end of April.

Sen. Daniel Martin said there is a negative stigma against Barrett students and the idea behind the event would be to integrate Barrett, the Honors College with the rest of the ASU community and show that "the Barrett kids don't really suck."

The bill was moved to second read, where it was passed with a vote of 10-5 with 3 abstaining.

Senate Bill 66, an act affirming equality within the Undergraduate Student Government, was introduced by the University Affairs Committee and immediately moved to second read where it was tabled for further study.

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