ASU student government officials look forward, reflect on past terms

The following are columns from this year's outgoing ASU student government presidents:

Tempe Undergraduate Student Government President Jordan Davis and Graduate and Professional Student Association President Megan Fisk answer questions from students during an open forum at the Memorial Union. (Photo by Shawn Raymundo)

Tempe USG President Jordan Davis reflects on term.

"It has truly been an honor for me to serve the students of ASU this past year as the president of the Tempe Undergraduate Student Government." -Jordan Davis



GPSA President Megan Fisk discusses future for graduate students.

"I am proud to say that teaching and research assistants making less than $14,916 this academic year will see an increase to their salary next year." -Megan Fisk

USG Polytechnic President Franz Ferguson works at his office several hours before most other students will be on campus. (Photo by Andrew Ybanez)

Outgoing USG Polytechnic President Franz Ferguson reflects on achievements.

"This year, we have made strides to get students in front of the directors and deans of the different departments." -Franz Ferguson



(Photo courtesy of Howard Waldie IV) (Photo courtesy of Howard Waldie IV)

USG West President Howard W. Waldie IV discusses future for students at West campus.

"The struggles and the successes (this year) have allowed us to accomplish many things for our Sun Devil community, and I look forward to serving as president for another year." -Howard W. Waldie IV




(Photo y Andrew Ybanez) (Photo by Andrew Ybanez)

USG Downtown President Frank Smith III discusses future for students at Downtown campus.

"This year, downtown students have reaped many benefits, and this wouldn’t be possible without the support of my staff." -Frank Smith III







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