Tempe Police: Man steals barstool from neighbor, threatens to stab him with knife

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Friday:

  • A 32-year-old Tempe man was arrested March 30 on the 1400 block of East Apache Boulevard on suspicion of aggravated assault, according to a police report.

    He and the man he allegedly assaulted live at the same address but in different apartments, police said.

    They were in a verbal altercation, because the man removed a wooden barstool from the other man's apartment without permission, upsetting him, according to the report.



    The man was intoxicated and sat on the barstool outside the other man's apartment. The other man told him he did not want him to remove the barstool, at which point the man got angry and pulled his knife out of an unknown location, police said.

    Police said the man pointed the knife at the victim and threatened to stab the victim in the neck.

    According to the report, a friend of the other man stepped between the two men to protect the victim before calling the police.

    When police contacted the man at his apartment he became aggressive, police said.

    He was arrested and booked into the Tempe City Jail, the police said.

    The other man said he felt threatened and was willing to aid in prosecution against the man, according to the police report.


  • A 35-year-old Tempe man was arrested March 30 on the 900 block of East Vista Del Cerro Drive on suspicion of resisting arrest and having an outstanding warrant, according to a police report.

    Police contacted the man for an unrelated matter, according to the report.

    When police conducted a records check, they found he had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on original charges and assault, police said.

    Officers then tried to detain the man, and he tensed up and started to pull away from officers, at which point he was told not to fight, the report said.

    The man refused to put his hands behind his back, and a struggle ensued, police reported.

    Police struck the man’s knees and continued to try to take him down, according to the report.

    The man and officers fell over a chair, and he attempted to escape again, only to be brought down a second time and held down while an officer pulled out his TASER X2 and threatened to use it, according to the report.

    The man stopped trying to stand at that point but was still resisting arrest, police said.

    Officers had to threaten to use the stun gun a second time before the man was finally handcuffed, police said.

    After being handcuffed, the man continued to struggle until other officers arrived, the report said.

    The suspect was transported to Tempe City Jail, where he was booked and held to see a judge, according to the police report.

Reports compiled by Melissa Stewart

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