Tempe Police: Woman hides marijuana in vagina

Tempe Police reported the following incidents Wednesday:

An 18-year-old Gilbert woman was arrested April 24 on the 2000 block of West Guadalupe Road on suspicion of being a fugitive from justice, criminal damage and marijuana and paraphernalia possession and use, according to a police report.

A witness saw the woman damage the door of a Motel 6 room that created an imprint of the bottom of her slipper, police said.

The hotel estimates the loss at $300, the report said.

When the witness confronted the woman, she became aggressive and confrontational, police reported.

Police arrived and the woman told them that she did kick the door, but she did not create the imprint and could not explain why the mark matched the pattern on the bottom of her slippers, police said.

The woman was transported to Tempe City Jail, where she was booked and held, the report said.

A search of the woman led police to find a tied sandwich bag that smelled of marijuana, police reported.

During a strip search, jail staff found marijuana in her vagina, police said.

  • A 21-year-old Tempe man was arrested April 21 at the intersection of East Broadway Road and South Mill Avenue on suspicion of driving under the influence, a DUI with a BAC 0.08 or higher, driving under the influence of drugs and marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession and use, according to a police report. Police responded to a call from a witness who said that a man was driving about 50 mph in the wrong lane of traffic and attempting to get out of his white pickup truck when it was still in motion, police said.

    When police arrived, they found the driver inside the truck in the center lane on Mill Avenue with another man pushing the vehicle out of the way, the report said.

    The man refused to answer any questions about his driving habits, police reported.

    The law officer noticed several signs of impairment in the man, but could not smell any alcohol coming from the man or the truck, police said.

    When asked whether the man had taken any drugs, he replied that he had not smoked anything since before April 20, the report said.

    However, because the man's signs of impairment, he was arrested for driving under the influence, police reported.

    A search of the vehicle led police to find four to five different types of marijuana, about 20 plastic baggies, a grinder and a mason jar that read "weed jar," police said.

    During an interview, the man still denied smoking marijuana and said that he did not take any other drug, but admitted to selling marijuana, the report said.

    The man was transported to Tempe City Jail where he was booked and held to see a judge, according to the report.

Reports compiled by Chelsey Ballarte

Reach the reporter at chelsey.ballarte@asu.edu or follow her on Twitter @chelseyballarte

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