The 'guns everywhere' law

Georgia sparked national attention last week when their new gun law was put in place, essentially allowing Georgians with concealed weapon permits to take their guns almost everywhere.

The new Georgia bill will go into effect on July 1. HB60 includes guns being allowed in places you would never expect. An article on Fox News said, “Included are provisions that allow residents who have concealed carry permits to take guns into some bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports.”

Apparently, it will be up to the school district to allow employees to carry firearms in the school setting. People in support of the bill are claiming that it gives people the opportunity to protect each other in the case of an emergency and allows for more protection and safety among the citizens of Georgia.



The bill seems like it gives people a reckless and irresponsible way to handle their problems through violence and death. It seems that the already rising numbers in gun related accidents and deaths would rise significantly now that Georgia has virtually no restrictions on where guns can and can’t be.

While many supporters feel it upholds the rights granted in the Second Amendment, it seems that such a lenient gun law will promote a new culture of gun violence and safety hazards.

It also provides more lenient rules for those who avoid the law. According to CNN, “Anyone bringing a gun into a church that prohibits them won't be arrested but could pay a fine up to $100, the law says.”

The new law promotes that having a gun and even breaking the law with a gun is not a big deal. This is a terrifying thought, considering people will be more apt to break the law knowing that getting caught wouldn’t even lead to jail time.

The repercussions of this gun law seem obvious, and hopefully it won’t take so many accidental deaths or shootings to make Georgia lawmakers understand that their law needs to be revised.

The nicknamed “Guns Everywhere Law” will hopefully be stopped before it is too late. It is on the path to creating an unsafe environment that has many variables for a situation to lead to violence. It’s unsafe for children, and it is easier to feel less protected knowing that anywhere you are, someone could be holding a concealed weapon, including when you are in Sunday church.

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