Letter: Sharing passion for American football

My last 4 years at ASU have opened my eyes to the diversity that ASU encompasses. Throughout my journey on campus, I tend to meet many international students. I get to know about their country and why they are here and they learn about this state and my passion, football. It became evident to me that the majority of countries around the world do not have any idea what American football really is. Their interest is evident when they go to the games for the camaraderie but don't understand the game. I then realized I could share my passion of football with them.

I will be hosting a class at the Marriott in downtown Tempe to introduce international students to the game of American football. Please take a look at the website, www.TheSportsClass.com. I am in the process of getting different speakers ranging from NFL players, collegiate players and coaches.

Thanks for your interest.

Anthony Perez


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