Top six blogs art fanatics should read

Does anyone here remember Stumbleupon?

I have this obsession with combing the Internet on a scavenger hunt for new information regarding art, art history, artists and art humor. In fact, I would argue that it often surpasses the definition of obsession to become a crippling hobby comparable to Netflix binges (especially during finals week).

Stumbleupon is where it all started. This precursor to Pinterest pulls from even the dustiest corners of the inter-web to find websites, articles, photos and videos that pertain to your selected interests. What could be better to cure the Sunday-night blues than getting lost down a rabbit hole of travel photography or in-depth discussions of literary icons?

For me, Stumbleupon blew open a door into the art world where I found videos of mural paintings, large-scale installations involving bouncing balls, the art of the Pin-up Girl and much more.

An advertisement for Juxtapoz's latest issue featuring oil paintings from Jenny Morgan. Juxtapoz's website features an advertisement for their latest issue, which features oil paintings from Jenny Morgan.

Not only did it take me to an interesting video or article, but it also immersed me in various art blogs and magazines that I would have never knew existed otherwise. And, because of my insatiable thirst for expression, I read them everyday.

So, thanks to Stumbleupon, here are my top six art blogs and publications that are must reads for my fellow #artfreaks.

Juxtapoz Magazine

This contemporary-art magazine proudly features art and artists from all concentrations and subjects. While proudly featuring erotica may be off-putting to many, the way they approach each artwork with equal respect is something to be praised in their coverage. Design, graffiti, performance, installation — nothing is off limits for Juxtapoz. Because of this, the magazine portrays the contemporary art scene in all its free, off-the-wall wonder. Not to mention, they put out a monthly issue for us print enthusiasts.

Hi-Fructose Magazine

While their content may be a bit tamer in relation to Juxtapoz, this magazine provides a more in-depth look at contemporary art and artists. The two magazines cover a similar niche, but their content often varies so widely. At one you see dream-like drawings of wide-eyed imaginary creatures and next you see portraits that challenge accepted ideas of beauty and ugliness. If you are not reading both magazines, you are not receiving a relatively comprehensive education on contemporary art. And without that, what will you have to talk about with your hipster, art friends at Chopshop later? Read up.

Cave to Canvas

Tumblr is an even bigger problem for me when it comes to art, and one of the first blogs I found there was Cave to Canvas. This art history blog serves as a directory of sorts for artists and a discussion of their work. Spanning time, the blog features a new artist each day along with a chronological sampling of their work. Readers suggest artists to be featured and there are no repeats (good luck submitting suggestions, they have been blogging for a long time). I have found so much non-contemporary art through this blog that it really feeds my inner history nerd. Visit CC for all your daily art needs.


This is your one-stop shop for all things art, literally. Artsy is a repository of 25,000 artists and their art works, whether they are world famous paintings or remedial sketches. Click on any artist and you will find a short biography, a list of artworks for sale and in museums, recent shows featuring the artist, and much more. They also post articles on the website designed to tell stories and foster discussion about art, both past and present.

Screen shot 2014-08-27 at 11.19.10 AM


“Sensitive to Art & its Discontents.” Yes, their motto says everything and nothing all at once. This art and culture website holds goals similar to those of Juxtapoz and Hi-Fructose, but with an added layer of cultural observation. This gives Hyperallergic a signature style when it comes to coverage. These art-journalists focus most of their content on artists and the art-making process, instead of in-depth analysis of the artwork. Praised by a lengthy list of respected news publications, Hyperallergic is definitely one to follow for art and how it relates to larger cultural events.


When you visit the Flavorwire website, it’s obvious that I’m there for more than just the art (mostly, I’m there for “American Horror Story” freak outs). But much of the art I find through my Facebook feed is courtesy of this wonderful A&E-style; blog. Each article is elegantly written with a good mix of analysis that can make you relate to any art, even “Comic Book Beefcakes.”

If you don’t have the mental stamina to return to each website everyday for the latest art news, definitely like their respective pages on Facebook. I can vouch that a highlight of my day (when I have the time) is sitting with a cup of coffee and scrolling through a news feed filled entirely with art.

It is glorious.

What are some of your favorite art blogs? Do you have an art magazine that you keep back issues of in your closet? I am always on the look-out for more reading material so feel free to share! Reach me at or via Twitter @mmccreary6.

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