Reset, Reboot, Record: New Opportunities

What are life lessons really? They can't be the lessons that seem to end every Full House episode, like don't put your boyfriend before your friend or that a bond between sisters is the best type of bond. I mean sure, those seem like good things to keep in mind but are those actually life lessons? To me, life lessons are the realizations you have once you're finally forced to face yourself and the mistake, or mistakes, you just made. Life lessons aren't spoken by the Tanner sisters and they surely aren't spoken by John Stamos. Sometimes they are painful and unwanted. But after, you reset, reboot and record.

My name is Brooke Ramos and I am from San Antonio, Texas with a passion for writing, traveling and experiencing life to the fullest. But like everything in life, it’s not always as easy it may seem and that’s exactly why I am writing this blog: to discuss the life lessons, big or small, that I have learned and will learn, and probably the lessons every individual will someday come face-to-face with.

Machu Picchu Machu Picchu

During this past summer, I dedicated countless hours each day to creating a realistic plan of accomplishing my dream of living in Spain. Sadly despite the approval and support I received from my family, I opted for returning to ASU. Initially after I had decided that I wasn’t ready for such a life change, I thought I had made the smart decision. I had convinced myself that my reasoning for deciding to return to ASU wasn’t out of fear but out of rationale. At least that was until I was standing at the top of Machu Picchu.

As I stared down upon the sacred land, I realized I had just allowed my life-long dream and possible life to pass me by, simply because I enjoyed the feeling of comfort and safety.

Life Lesson #1: The unknown hurts, especially when you had the opportunity to do something about it.

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