Boos & Bravos: September 4

Boo to Joan Rivers's death on Thursday. The 81-year-old actress lit up TV screens and stages since the 1960s with her acerbic wit and biting critique. She will be missed.

Bravo to the New Zealand national basketball team for its pregame "haka" dance that mystified Team USA before the Americans routed the Kiwis in a FIBA World Cup game.

Bravo to the federal appeals court for ruling against Indiana's and Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage. Supreme Court, here we come!

Boo to the story of Jose Zamora who dropped the "s" from his name when applying for jobs and instantly received many job offers. It is a disappointing look at how businesses still discriminate against potential new hires.

Bravo to the Justice Department for opening a civil rights investigation regarding the Ferguson Police Department.

Boo to former Virginia governor Bob McDonald who was found guilty of corruption. The antics of Frank Underwood from House of Cards don't belong in real life.

Bravo to the return of the NFL. After months of waiting, football fans can finally enjoy football games that count.

Boo to the Tempe water main break that got a bus stuck in a sinkhole and shut down traffic on McClintock Drive for several hours. It took a crane to remove the bus from the hole after two tow trucks couldn’t do the job.

Bravo to a Towson University student tweeting a screenshot of an email to her professor explaining she would not be in class Sept. 4 because of Beyoncé's birthday. Fight the good fight, fellow Bey fan.

Boo to the bike riders and skateboard riders that ride right up to the start of the walk-only zones before getting off their bike or skateboard causing a traffic jam when people want to get to class.

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