ASU Theatre and Shakespeare club focuses on the classics

For students who enjoy classic plays, Shakespeare or acting, the ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club has plenty of performances and poems to go around.

Business management sophomore Courtney Marnick is the public relations and media chair for the club. She has been involved with the group since her freshman year and said she joined because of her love of Shakespeare’s works.

“The roles are really versatile and can be interpreted so many different ways and for different time periods,” Marnick said. “I like how you can bend and twist the dialogue, while still holding the integrity of the play.”

Marnick said she believes helping to promote the club and utilizing skills she learns in her business classes is also preparing her for future careers, and that she’s met a lot of people by being involved with it.

“It’s such a group of friends,” she said. “We connect on a deeper level than just people who meet once a week. We get to know each other as people. … We are expanding our knowledge (about classic theater) while having a good time.”

“Much Ado About Nothing” 

WHEN: April 23 - April 26

WHERE: Memorial Union Pima Ballroom 

TICKETS: $5 for general admission, $3 for students and free for children under the age of 12. Purchase here.


Lolita Gongora as Titania, under Oberon's spell, dotes on Michael Arcaro as Bottom during the ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club's 2014 production, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," directed by Nikki Gallagher. (Photo courtesy of Impressions by JenneLynne)

During their meetings, members play a variety of theater and acting games as well as rehearse plays that they choose. The ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club puts on one play per academic year, but Marnick said the members would eventually like to do more.

“This club is really unique because we focus on pulling in classical roots,” Marnick said, adding that there are other drama-type clubs on campus, like a group that focuses on musicals. She said while club members learn about Shakespeare and other classic plays, they try to relate them to more modern works.

Marnick said the club is rebuilding after a few changes in the executive board and has a small group of about 10 members, but is looking to grow.

The members are working on putting on a production of “Much Ado About Nothing,” which will run from April 23 through April 26 in the Pima Ballroom of the Memorial Union in Tempe. Tickets are $5 for general admission, $3 for students and free for children under the age of 12. All sales from this show will go toward funding the ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club and its future productions.

The ASU Theatre and Shakespeare Club has meetings every Friday at noon on the Tempe campus. To join, or for more information visit or email Courtney Marnick at

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