ASU College Republicans Club continues to push conservative ideas on campus

The club has hosted conservative speakers and Phoenix Republican politicians during the spring semester

Amidst campus protests and student outrage, ASU College Republicans continues to push their message of conservatism with weekly meetings and events. 

ASU College Republicans has three main goals: engage students, spread conservatism and get Republicans elected Kevin Calabrese, club executive chair, said. 

“Our first goal is really to get students on campus engaged in the political process, no matter what capacity that is in," he said. "Our second goal is spread the principles of the Republican Party, which include conservatism and free market capitalism. Our third mission is to get Republicans elected to political office.”

During the fall semester the club actively worked on various political campaigns. They knocked on doors for local Republican leaders up for election, participated in phone banking and went to Donald Trump rallies in Phoenix. The club’s leaders also helped bring Donald Trump Jr. to campus. Last semester they hosted Arizona State Senator Kimberly Lee (R-Phoenix), Robert Graham, chairman for the Republican Party in Arizona, and Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona's fifth Congressional district.

While the fall semester was focused on local and national campaigns, during the spring semester the club has hosted guest speakers like ASU alumnus Scot Mussi, president of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, whose club policy goals include “Promoting fiscal discipline, limited government and a balanced budget,” according to their website.

During their weekly meeting, club members expressed their support for the Trump administration. 

“I was a big supporter when he announced. He’s pretty much done or tried to do everything that he said he was going to do," said Rick Thomas, club member and childhood education junior. "Trump is very transparent, when he says he wants to do something he will do it, or try to at least.” 

Thomas said one issue he is especially concerned with is illegal immigration. 

“I would like them to make sure we fight against making Phoenix a sanctuary city, obviously we lost Joe Arpaio who was a big proponent of deportations and enforcing the law.” said Thomas.

Cody Friedland, criminal justice senior and the club's vice-chairman, encouraged students who were unsure about the Republican politics to give the club meetings a chance. 

“All I ask is that if you disagree, I highly recommend you come to our meetings, get a different viewpoint. Not everything is black and white," said Friedland. "I cannot guarantee I will change your mind, but I think it's important that you see if from more than one lens.”

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