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ASU serves the most MIC tickets around the holidays, ASUPD says

(11/23/16 12:00pm)

It’s your freshman year of college, you’ve dreamed of this day for years, you hear about all the college parties, all the freedom and of course—all the alcohol. You say to yourself, “I’m in college, I’m an adult, I should be allowed to drink.” You’re having a great time at the party with all that alcohol, until the Arizona State University police show up and your fun night turns into your worst nightmare: A Minor in Consumption (MIC) ticket.

Have a fishy roommate? You aren't alone

(11/23/16 11:55am)

It’s move-in day, you have all your belongings ready to move into your new dorm or apartment. You’re excited to start this new adventure, but in the back of your mind you just can’t help but fear that the horrific roommate stories you read on Buzzfeed or see in movies may become your life for the next year.While some roommate situations may spark lifelong friendships other scenarios may become a real-life nightmare.It’s normal to feel anxiety about the anticipation of living with another person.