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Fluff It Gourmet Marshmallows bring new life to dessert

(10/19/15 10:07am)

Marshmallows: a commonly forgotten childhood treat typically bought at grocery stores, added to hot chocolate and used as an essential ingredient in making the ever-so-loved s’mores. However, marshmallows have taken on a whole new meaning for a Gilbert store that has turned these sweets into their delicacy. Fluff It Gourmet Marshmallows creates handmade marshmallows and sells them in every variation from hand-dipped in chocolate to s’mores. “All of our marshmallows are handmade, so unless you go to our store and buy them — you really don’t have any other place to get a handmade marshmallow,” Fluff It Gourmet Marshmallows co-owner Tricia Medina says. She adds, “We solely concentrate on the marshmallow making — different flavors so it’s really a dessert.” One of the ways Fluff It has portrayed marshmallows as a dessert is through their s’mores bar. “Customers can come in and we make our own graham cracker bowls,” Medina says. “We line it with our chocolate ganache.