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Smiling with his meal

(04/18/18 8:05pm)

Mohit smiles at his accomplished buttered chicken dish, a popular Indian meal that he makes once a month for his friends and himself. He was inspired to make this dish because his brother would make it for him when he lived back in India. Mohit claims that he has not perfected the dish yet, but strives to make this dish exactly like his brother one day.


(04/18/18 8:00pm)

The last ingredient to go with the buttered chicken is something similar to a tortilla, but is made of wheat: Chapati. Kapoor heats the Chapati on a pan before putting all the different parts on a plate to eat.


(04/17/18 7:47pm)

ASU infielder sophomore Jade Gortarez (15) hits the ball in a game against North Dakota State University at Alberta B. Farrington Softball Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Going to class

(04/16/18 9:03pm)

Al Turki walks with a friend to class on the Tempe campus. In her American classes, she engages with people who treat her as an equal and others who don't understand her. Al Turki says that the friends and professors that accept her for the way that she looks motivate her to succeed. 


(04/16/18 9:03pm)

Praying is an important factor in Al Turki's Islamic belief. She explains that it can change her emotion and remind her of God. This allows her to be more confident throughout the day and remain strong in her faith.

Good luck charm

(04/16/18 9:01pm)

Al Turki wears a necklace given to her from her best friend. The necklace, which depicts an eye in a hand, is a symbol that brings good luck to the person wearing it. Her friend gave this to her to prevent any misfortune and to remind her that God saves.

Favorite study spot

(04/15/18 2:48pm)

Al Turki works on her engineering homework at her favorite study spot in the lower level of Hayden Library on the Tempe campus. Her family and friends motivate her to do well in school and she strives to earn a good GPA so that she can graduate and return back to Saudi Arabia to be with her family whom she misses.


(04/15/18 2:47pm)

Al Turki goes to the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher's College on the Tempe campus to study and complete her homework in a peaceful environment. As the mother of an eighteen-month-old daughter, Al Turki has faced some difficulties balancing school and motherhood. She has found that focusing on time management helps.