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Construction workers excavate a piece of road near campus.The Tempe City Council’s decision to resurface Rural Road will extend traffic delays in the area to early November instead of the end of October.

Football Will Sutton UA

Redshirt senior defensive tackle Will Sutton throws his hands up before facing UA on Saturday, Nov. 30, 2013 at Sun Devil Stadium. ASU defeated UA and and secured home-field advantage for the 2013 Pac-12 championship.

Football Taylor Kelly UCLA

Redshirt junior Taylor Kelly walks out onto the field as a fan greets him before the game against UCLA on Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 in Pasadena, Calif. ASU defeated UCLA 38-33.

Todd Graham Kevin Tillman

Coach Todd Graham talks to Kevin Tillman before kick off in Sun Devil Stadium in September. Kevin, along with his late brother and ASU alumnus Pat Tillman, enlisted in the Army in 2002. Pat Tillman lost his life in Afghanistan in 2004, where he was deployed.

Football Taylor Kelly Notre Dame

Redshirt junior quarterback Taylor Kelly passes the ball toward the sideline in a game against Notre Dame on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Sun Devils came up short against the Fighting Irish 37-34.

Saudi Arabia

Alanizi Yasser, 27, plays an Oud at Hayden Lawn during a celebration for the 83rd anniversary of Saudi Arabia's establishment. Yasser graduated from college with a degree in electronics and mechanical engineering in Saudi Arabia and plans to study at ASU some time soon.

Tempe police

A police officer in Tempe makes a routine stop near Mill Avenue on a Saturday night. 

Henri Gerken

Post doctoral research fellow Henri Gerken holds a sample of algae that has been synthesized and tested for research purposes. Gerken said some of the strains of algae contain chemicals that are sold commercially around the nation.

Phillip Carrier

ASU art graduate Phillip Carrier stands near his inspiration for his new project. The algae tanks are used mainly for research, some involving new solutions for cleaner energy and fuel.

smoking ban

ASU’s new smoking ban will go into effect this coming fall semester and those who smoke will need to do it off-campus. The campus-wide smoking ban is not enforced by Tempe or ASU police, however.


A sand haboob stretches across a plane near Casa Grande, Arizona. These storms, while seemingly extreme, a normal part of the monsoon season. 

Upward Bound

The Upward Bound office, located at Irish Hall on the Tempe campus. Upward Bound is a program by ASU designed to help at-risk high school students as well as veterans to prepare themselves for college. 


Two students stand outside and await the opening of the Student Center on the Downtown campus. A recent ranking of the best cities for “bros” ranked ASU’s Tempe in the top 5, while “bro-essence” spreads across all campuses.


Beakers used in university research sit atop a shelf in the ISTB lab on the Tempe Campus. The ISTB Building houses labs where research is conducted, both for graduate and undergraduate programs.

Ryan Bastle

Ryan Bastle stands in front of his workstation at a research lab on the ASU Tempe campus. Bastle is currently working on a research program that tackles the issue of cocaine addiction in men and women.


Construction workers communicate to each other on the next plan of action at the Tempe campus’s Manzanita residence hall, where renovations are underway. The entire residence hall is undergoing renovations, from the layouts of rooms to pipe repair and architectural updates.

Sean Mayall

Sean Robert Mayall poses for the camera in Papago Park, under a crescent moon. The ASU sophomore has signed up for a chance to possibly go to Mars for a mission.

State Senate

A state Senate employee crosses the main courtyard in Phoenix as sessions begin in the House. 


ASU students Jeremy Goldberg, Jacob Goldberg and Perry Czopp have just released a new app that features restaurant profiles and discount deals around the valley. As of now, the app is on iOS and on the web, and will soon come to Android.