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Is he for real?

(This letter is in response to the candidacy of Frank Schmuck for the Arizona House of Representatives.)

I would like to know how someone can keep this last name, let alone run for some type of political office. The name, Schmuck, is an extremely derogatory term no matter what. I’m just a part-time Tempe resident but I feel like this must be a joke.

J. Weber

Tempe resident

Editor’s Note: It’s no joke, we looked it up. Frank Schmuck is a Republican contender for the District 20 seat of the Arizona House, which serves parts of Tempe, Chandler and Ahwatukee.

Americans being forced to learn Spanish

We recently sent out a press release condemning Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s statements in a video on Youtube, “Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, they will learn English, you need to make sure your child speaks Spanish” and the reaction and bias in print media was astounding.

Our press release was titled “Obama Steps on Political Land Mine” and it pointed out that a recent poll run by one of the nation’s top polling firms, Rasmussen Reports, indicated that Obama’s stance on this issue was out of line with over 80% of the American public. Each print media report in defense of Obama, excluded this poll we cited from their reports. Some even went so far as to falsely credit our organization ALIPAC as making the statement, “Voters Reject Obama’s call for Bilingualism,” when we never made this statement. On our website at this title is clearly marked as the publicized title of the release of the Rasmussen Report!

This Rasumussen Report states, “Eighty-three percent (83%) place a higher priority on encouraging immigrants to speak English as their primary language. Just 13% take the opposite view and say it is more important for Americans to learn other languages.” We feel certain that even less than 13% of voters would agree that it is important for us to learn Spanish specifically.

We never said it was bad for children to learn other languages. We never claimed we were against language electives for school children, as these biased media reports claim. What our press release said was that we do not feel Americans should make sure their children learn Spanish! We also oppose America being turned into a bilingual society like Canada and the polls tell us we are taking the stance that a super majority of Americans favor on this issue.

We also did not appreciate Senator Obama’s ridicule of Americans visiting Europe as tourists without learning local languages. It is outrageous that a candidate for President would ridicule Americans on this topic, especially when he speaks only one language. Did Obama fail to notice that we have millions of illegal aliens in America, not tourists, who flagrantly speak Spanish without regard or respect for America’s majority? Why would anyone in their right mind criticize Americans for going to Europe without learning French or force our children to adopt the language of millions of illegal aliens?

Obama responded quickly, since his office was deluged with calls from Americans whom were offended by his comments. He issued this statement to divert attention away from his “learn Spanish” comments.

CBS Reports “Obama brushed off the criticism today, saying that immigrants should learn English but that Americans should learn a foreign language as well. ‘You know, this is an example of some of the problems we get into when somebody attacks you for saying the truth,’ he said, ‘which is we should want children with more knowledge.’”

The New York Times, ABC, CBS, and the Associated Press quickly moved into damage control, on behalf of the Obama campaign, in reaction to this story and our release. None of these sources contacted us, but they took our release and did their best to defend Obama.

ABC wrote in defense of Obama, while completely omitting his quote of high contention “make sure your child learns Spanish”.

The others all focused on the line in our press release, “Barack Obama has stepped on a political land mine by stating Americans should be forced to learn to speak Spanish”

Here’s how they spun it!

ABC: “some conservative groups who argued his remarks were an endorsement of the idea that Americans should be forced to learn Spanish”.

New York Times said “...misrepresents what Mr. Obama said, it also ignores the views he has expressed in the past...”

Associated Press: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC said in a statement, “Barack Obama has stepped on a political land mine by stating Americans should be forced to learn to speak Spanish.” But that’s not what Obama said.

Please allow us to clear the air on this issue.

Americans are being forced to learn Spanish!

For parents to make sure their children learn Spanish, means the children will have no say in this matter. All across America, parents are receiving notices in English and Spanish that their children WILL be taught Spanish, as early as kindergarten in American schools. Employers are telling American employees, if they do not learn Spanish their jobs are at risk. In some places, help wanted ads state that applicants for American jobs must know Spanish to be considered for the job. We now have a modern state of “Non Spanish speakers need not apply!”

Obama’s comments in the video clearly show that he is completely in syncronicity with these radical changes that are being forced on the American populace.

We are forced to watch our borders remain open and unsecured. We are forced to watch as our existing immigration laws, that are supported by over 80% of Americans, go unenforced or under enforced and our elections and votes are rendered meaningless.

We are forced to press one to speak our own language of English and to conduct our transactions. We are forced to listen to loudspeakers in stores and automated phone systems broadcasting in Spanish, along with the growing number of Spanish stations on our TV’s and radio dials. We are forced to look at signs in just about every store catering to those who refuse to learn English and only speak Spanish!

We are forced to watch as violent drug and human smuggling crime syndicates turn Mexican and American streets into kill zones and forced to watch our fellow Americans FALLING DOWN, as they succumb to meth and cocaine addictions, the loss of wages, the loss of jobs, and the loss of their homes, and the loss of the lives of their loved ones due to rampant illegal immigration and the gangs, corporations, and politicians who are responsible for this crisis.

We are forced to watch as two absolutely pathetic candidates bend over backwards to pander to the Hispanic vote by offering Amnesty for illegal aliens and more funding for racist groups like La Raza.

William Gheen

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

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