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Give the boot to Prop. 102

I am an ASU graduate student, a married woman, and a Mesa homeowner. The ASU community has recently seen some debate in The State Press regarding Proposition 102 (the marriage amendment that was just returned to the ballot after being voted down in 2006,) and I am writing to add my voice to the conversation.

As a married woman, I believe marriage is a sacred institution which can bring out the best in all of us through the experience of sharing our lives in unity with a partner who loves us, stands up for us, guides us, and inspires us. My marriage certainly does all those things for me. And as a married couple, my husband and I believe all couples are valuable assets to our community who deserve the same chance as we do to have their relationship recognized and to protect the ones they love.

We arrived at our decision to oppose the proposition by considering our values. What do we value? Respect for ourselves and others, responsibility, commitment, and the affection that sustains a relationship through the test of time. We also believe all of us deserve the same chance to define our personal and private lives for ourselves alone, and our politicians should keep out of marriage.

Everyone matters. We all deserve the same opportunities in life as everyone else. To that end, my husband and I plan to vote no on Prop. 102. Again.

Susan Hurley

Graduate student

9/11 ad was tasteless

(In response to’s advertisement in Thursday’s classifieds section)

I’m extremely disappointed, as an editor, you would be so tacky as to run the advertisement on “9/11: How and Why the WTC Towers Collapsed,” especially on Sept. 11.

What happened on Sept. 11, 2001 was a tragedy. Sept. 11 is supposed to be about grieving for those who lost and pride our country is still together. An advertisement like this is merely a pathetic attempt to tear it apart. I think anyone who’s willing to attend the event should take a good look at themselves.

I personally will never pick up a copy of this paper again. You should think twice before running ads that will hurt the readers.

Kristin Lee


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