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The NCAA has adopted a variety of new rule changes for the 2008 college football season that you may have noticed this past weekend.

The most dramatic change is the new play clock, which is designed in a similar format to that of the NFL and is likely to speed up games. The clock will change in the following aspects:

• A 40-second play clock will now replace the 25-second play clock and will begin immediately once the play is dead.

• The 25-second play clock will be retained in the following situations:

• After a penalty is called.

• After a team time-out, media time-out or administrative stoppage.

• After a measurement.

• After a change of possession.

• After a touchdown.

• At the start of each period including overtime.

• After a review.

• The clock will also start on the referee’s signal when a player goes out of bounds, except during the final two minutes of play.

The NCAA has also adopted these changes:

• Players are prohibited from grabbing the inside, back collar of the shoulder pad and immediately pulling down the opponent (often referred to as the horse-collar rule).

• Referees will no longer call the incidental, five-yard face-mask penalty.

• Each team’s coach is given one challenge. Should it be successful, the coach retains that challenge, for a maximum of two.

• Sideline warnings are to be replaced by five-yard penalties for the first two offenses, followed by 15-yard penalties from there on out.

Compiled by Josh Spivack.

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