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Why is it so shocking that about $150,000 has been spent on clothing for Sarah Palin and her family Anyone who seriously thinks that politicians are not willing to shell out a pretty penny to present a specific image is gravely mistaken.

Does anyone remember when John Edwards spent $400 on a haircut? He could have had the same boring ‘do trimmed by Supercuts for his philandering head, but politicians must have a very exact look.

Ever hear of the saying “the clothes make the man”? (Or perhaps the hairdo, like Donald Trump?) Well, that is exactly what we are talking about here. Do not lie to yourself — you absolutely judge people based on what they are wearing.

Obama, McCain, Bush … they have all spent buttloads of campaign money on attire. Why do you think Laura Bush and her two daughters are constantly decked out in Oscar de la Renta?

Long ago, the lesson was learned that to be successful in politics, one must portray the proper image. John Kennedy overpowered Richard Nixon with his polished appearance, the result of much make-up and investments in clothing. His success was definitely aided by his attractiveness and vibrancy, which were largely affected by the garments he adorned.

Being from Alaska myself, I can assure with great confidence that Gov. Palin could hardly give a sh-- whether her clothes came from Costco or Dolce and Gabbana. Alaskans are all about practicality and we only drop cash on clothing that will keep us super warm. When I was in high school, you were a nobody without a North Face coat.

I am not saying that Palin is prepared to step into office, or that I agree with her political views, but I simply must stand up for the fact that it was most definitely not her decision to spend that kind of cash on clothing.

Where do people think their campaign contributions go? Charity? No, they go toward ridiculously expensive ad campaigns and designer clothes.

The reason why they go toward such things is that they have a huge effect on who wins the election. There was no way in hell McCain advisers were going to let Palin and her family strut onto stage in Levi’s and secondhand clothing, but trust me, that is what they would feel much more comfortable in.

Now if we, as a people, were smart enough to vote based on things other than appearance, perhaps that $150,000 could have gone to charity instead.

But since we are not, that is the reality of the world. It is all part of the game. Get over it.

Melissa would totally spend 150 G’s on luxuries if it was handed to her. If you claim that you wouldn’t, then you are a liar, so you should e-mail Melissa at so she can explain to you just how wrong you really are.

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