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Really, Arizona, California and Florida?

My mom is a lesbian. If she decides she wants to marry a woman, I believe she should be able to. It would probably work out a lot better than her first marriage. (Plus, if she could get married, my dad wouldn't have to pay alimony for the rest of his life.)

I also have aunts who are lesbians. They've been together for years.

They worked hard to earn the money to buy a home together. They have a beautiful boy named Elijah. They've done everything any normal couple does — except get married. Who's to say their relationship is worth less than everyone else's? Not me.

But these are just people I know. I'm sure there are gay people that shouldn't get married; half of the people that get married shouldn't get married, according to the divorce rate. Yet it's just not right that I could drive to Las Vegas right now and marry my boyfriend on a whim while others have been fighting for that right for years.

I have to admit, I'm not a religious person. I don't see letting two people of the same sex get married as an insult to the church because I'm not affiliated with any. I only see people that I love, and people that love each other, being denied the same rights as everyone else.

Shanna Wester


Fumbled facts

(In response to Janne Gaub’s Nov. 5 column, “The Redskins predict it again”)

In her article in Wednesday's State Press, Janne Gaub states: "According to, the Washington Redskins have accurately predicted the presidential race for every election in which they have been in existence."

This statement is not true, and it became untrue in 2004. As (a Web site devoted to analyzing urban legends) puts it, “Reality finally trumped coincidence in 2004: Despite the Green Bay Packers' 28-14 defeat of the Redskins at the latter's home field on Oct. 31, presaging a victory for Democratic challenger John Kerry in upcoming the presidential election, two days later incumbent President George W. Bush was re-elected, breaking the Redskins' predictive pattern.”

However, the Redskins have "predicted" the winner of the presidential race 18 out of 19 times, certainly nothing to sneeze at, but not "accurate," either.

Christopher Heckman


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