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As a nation, we watched the inauguration of our 44th president Tuesday.

The unfortunate ones watched MSNBC news anchor Keith Olbermann welcome the new president and say goodbye to the old.

For those who don’t remember, Olbermann is a former ESPN anchor whose most notable contributions to American journalism are yelling, “Boo ya!” and “He put the biscuit in the basket,” after someone dunked a basketball.

In recent years, Olbermann has decided that based on his obvious, pithy observations of sports highlights, he is now a moral and political authority.

Often baselessly calling for the impeachment of President Bush, Olbermann’s classless ignorance was front and center while saying goodbye to the former president.

In the middle of an uplifting moment that symbolizes the very essence of our democracy, Olbermann took jabs at Bush with comments like, “He’s probably thinking about baseball. It’s something he’s actually good at,” and criticized his demeanor as the former president boarded what was once Marine One for the last time.

Preceded by smug laughter, Olbermann then said, “And we bid you goodnight.”

How such a pompous and ignorant man managed to find work with not one, but two major news outlets, is more perplexing than how the Cardinals won the NFC.

Olbermann is like a two-time lotto winner who blew his money on Corvettes and hookers and should be selling used cars in Minneapolis, not reporting news. Boo Ya!

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