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Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren once said that when he picked up the newspaper, he always flipped to the sports section first.

He said the sports section was filled with man’s achievements, while the rest of the paper reported on man’s failures.

It is a good thing Warren is not around today, because I do not know what he would read.

All I seem to see are negative, law-breaking stories from this country’s most prestigious sports institutes.

USC has had a number of football and basketball recruiting violations. It seems everyone in baseball has cheated, lied to Congress or both. And let’s not forget about the entire Dallas Cowboys team.

It gets me thinking: Are athletes of our day really worse than they were before? Or is it just the way they are covered by media outlets?

I think athletes are what they are: people.

Whether Michael Phelps takes a bong rip at a party or Marvin Harrison gets tangled up in shooting allegations, athletes cannot do anything nowadays without being exposed.

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