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Back in my day, Facebook was just for young folk like myself.

I remember signing up for it after I graduated high school in 2005. What a rush.

Now old people are all over it, and I don’t know what to think.

Same with Twitter.

While I don’t understand the nationwide rage over it, I do love what Twitter’s done to the sports world.

Shaq is obviously the king of Twitteronia, but I think Charlie Villanueva outdid him with the halftime Tweet heard ’round the world.

These Tweets have since inspired me to look for other athletes on there, and I’ve found some hilarious stuff.

How else would I have known Chris Bosh thought, “The Pink Taco was crunk. Now I’m about to find out where the best party is.”

Or this from Baron Davis: “I’m off to my guitar lessons. In 2 months ima b playing like Hendrix.”

It really goes to show that these athletes are just people. We like to put them on a pedestal and think they live inside our TV’s and that’s it.

But they’re just normal people like you and I.

Thanks, Twitter, for making me feel more like LeBron.

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