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Q&A with junior tennis player Nadia Abdala

Damien Maloney | The State Press

In sports, some superstitions are nearly as old as the games themselves. For junior tennis player Nadia Abdala, a bevy of superstitious tendencies helps her get through a match.

The State Press: Some athletes have been known to do crazy things before they compete. Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you use to try and get an edge?

Nadia Abdala: “Actually I’m the most superstitious player on the team. I have a lot of little things that I have to do for each match.”

SP: Oh, really? What kind of things do you do?

NA: “Well, I never step on the lines when I’m on the court, and I also always have to have my racket facing the same side. If I take two sips of Gatorade during a match and win, the next match I’ll do the same. If I lose the next match, I’ll switch to water. Also, I never change the score and I always have to high-five the coach when I change sides.”

SP: Wow, that is a lot of stuff to remember. You seem really superstitious when it comes to tennis. Do you take the same approach off the court and do similar things before a test or anything?

NA: “No, not really, I only do stuff like that when I’m on the tennis court.”

SP: What is the weirdest thing you have ever tried for a match?

NA: “It’s actually pretty gross. One time I was playing in a really long match and I ended up winning, so the next match I wore the same socks. I won that match, too, so I guess the socks helped.”

SP: Oh, the old same socks routine. Did you wear them the next match since you won again?

NA: “No, I only did it that one time then decided it was time for new socks, but that one time it helped.”

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