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Devil Dish

The NFL is king, and the main reason is parity.

Every team has the exact same salary cap, regardless of market size, and teams cannot use the excuse of being in a small market to excuse poor performance.

Teams go from last place to first every year — Atlanta and Miami did it last year — and every team has a legitimate chance at the playoffs every season.

As per the expiring collective bargaining agreement, 2010 is set to be an uncapped year in the NFL.

If the players like it and fight for permanent removal of the salary cap, parity will cease to exist.

If the owners, who have an incredibly beneficial agreement, try to take money away from the players, a strike will ensue.

If the owners lock players out in 2011, as some are predicting, every person involved with the decision should be sent to a mental asylum.

The league is powerful now, but with rising ticket prices and a blackout policy that no other sport has, fan patience is waning.

The status quo is as perfect as it can be, especially for the owners. A work stoppage would be idiotic and disastrous.

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