Letter to the Editor

Give frats due process

(In response to Lauren Harvey’s Thursday letter to the editor, “Chiding frats not enough.”)

In her letter to the editor, Ms. Lauren Harvey jumps the gun on the Sigma Chi rape case and displays an irrational hatred towards men and fraternities.

This is typical of the type of overreaction that I have seen to this issue. First of all, let me admit my bias and say I am no fan of fraternities and would not join one. I particularly don’t like the whole “brotherhood” pitch. I learned all I needed to know about brotherhood in the Marines and one thing I learned is that it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars a year.

However, that does not mean I do not recognize their right to exist and more importantly their right to due process on the matter.

The eerily similar Duke lacrosse rape case is a perfect example of what happens when people make snap judgments (like Ms. Harvey did) and do not let the legal process take its course. We all need to calm down and let the investigation and legal process take its course.

If Sigma Chi was negligent, then yes, they should be banned from ASU. However, if they are found not guilty of any wrongdoing, then they should be allowed to continue to operate as part of the ASU community.

Daniel Caldwell Undergraduate

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