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Q&A: ‘She’s Out of My League’ actor Nate Torrence

The new romantic comedy “She’s Out of My League,” starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve, is set for a March 12 release.

The film features a large supporting cast, including Nate Torrance, famous for his role as a lab assistant in the 2008 remake of “Get Smart” and for his appearances in many national advertisements for companies like Capital One and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The State Press caught up with Torrence, who plays Devon in the film, on campus to ask a few questions about this upcoming movie.

State Press: How was it making the movie?

Nate Torrence: I grew up in Cleveland, so I was able to visit my family quite a bit. I don’t really get to see them living in L.A. I was amazing how nice Pittsburgh is. Being from Cleveland, we don’t like those boys much. But in the film it looks gorgeous. All the people reminded me of my aunts and uncles. It wasn’t much of a culture shock.

SP: It sounds like you had fun.

NT: I just really got along with the cast. It was easy. We would hang out with each other. We would go down to Dave and Buster’s or go bowling, and that doesn’t really happen on a set. It was like camp. After I got home, there was this odd sense of being a little sad.

SP: What was it like working on a studio picture?

NT: Even though it is a studio picture, this still was the little engine that could. It really doesn’t matter if it does well from this point on. If you do something that you’re proud of and you think is funny, then that’s when you get excited.

SP: What will ASU students like about the movie?

NT: I don’t think that the trailer represents the movie very well. There is way more heart and it’s way more real. There is a reality to it and even if the characters go through extreme situations, you believe that it could happen in life. It would be more like that than anything, any kind of gross-out genre. It is a romantic comedy. The girls are going to like it. The jokes may be more focused on guys, but at the end of the day, it’s that ‘aww’ ride. It’s a good date movie and a good guy movie. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the wacky gross-out comedy, it’s just that it can be so much more.

SP: Your character, Devon, really likes Disney movies. How about you?

NT: I’m older, but not too old to think movies like “Aladdin” were amazing. I remember having a Genie watch and thinking, “I love this.” I’m married and have two kids so my life is a lot of Elmo. This was my favorite character I’ve ever played. That sounds so actor cliché to say that, but I just love my guy. He is for everyone.

SP: What do you think about ASU?

NT: I love this place. It’s beautiful here. I’ve never seen it during the day and it’s gorgeous. It’s big, too.

SP: Any final words for ASU students?

NT: I hope you give the movie a try. Even if the trailer doesn’t look like your style of film, I guarantee that you will laugh at least twice. Hard.

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