Letters to the Editor - March 9

Low wage better than no wage

(In response to Alana Arbuthnot’s Feb. 28 column, “Under-22 cut illogical move.”)

Arizona’s unemployment rate remains at a high 9.1 percent and the state’s lawmakers should be commended for focusing on the creation of more entry-level jobs.

Decades of economic research demonstrate that a high minimum-wage environment leads to fewer job opportunities for less-experienced workers. Most recently, research out of Ball State University found that the 40 percent federal wage hike between July 2007 and July 2009 was responsible for 550,000 fewer part-time jobs.

Department of Education data show that 27 million Americans lack the skills needed to fill out a job application. Yet even the most basic restaurant or retail jobs require an ability to read and do basic math. A lower “training” wage makes it easier for employers to hire these less-experienced workers, giving them a chance to acquire the skills needed to move up in the workforce.

For these Arizonans, starting at a lower wage is better than no wage at all.

Michael Saltsman


Remember the fee

It was inquired of me as to why I did not attend the ABOR tuition hearings.

It was my way of protesting. Back when we were all “chit chatting” about the $75 facility fee, I advised everyone, that if you sit back and keep taking these fees and increases, ASU would keep imposing fees and increases; keep laughing at offensive jokes, they keep telling offensive jokes.

I voted no on the $75 facility fee and advised people then that a tuition increase was coming, but the response was that “we would not see an increase for three to five years.” And now they want to give it all kinds of names and classifications to keep from calling it “tuition increase.”

Well I don’t know about you, but this is the fastest three to five years I have ever experienced. You didn’t speak out about $75 why speak out about $1000-plus. Maybe next time when you have an opportunity to make a difference, you will reflect on this date and time.

Chuck Conley Senator, University College

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