Letters to the Editor: April 13

Election troubles

(In response to Kyle Daly’s April 8 article, “Election code violations disqualify winning Downtown campus ticket.”)

I have a great interest in the Downtown election as I found myself in a situation very similar to Christian Vasquez’s when I ran for president of West [campus] last year. I was very disheartened to read in The State Press what Vasquez’s vice president, Jessica Abercrombie, said of the disqualification and ensuing backlash: “I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but Christian and I aren’t going to be involved.”

What kind of leader looks at a situation in turmoil and says “let someone else deal with it?” That’s not leadership, that’s political gamesmanship. A true leader would be willing to step up, take charge and fix the situation. Vasquez’s lack of leadership this early on has put every student in an uncomfortable and untrusting position, and has isolated the elections committee to look like the bad guys.

As I have watched the campaign at Downtown I loved Vasquez’s “Student’s First” slogan. In the aftermath of this elections, it has become apparent that “students first” was only a campaign slogan and not a governing philosophy.

When West campus experienced this same situation last year I was declared president not once but twice with my opponent not having ten points worth of violations, but hundreds. I understand the frustration of doing everything the right way and still looking like the bad guy. However, this isn’t about political games, it’s not about the elections rules or the committee that enforces them. It’s about doing what’s best for the students.

The students of ASASUD are obviously unhappy with the way this election has gone. It is incumbent upon Mr. Vasquez and his leadership skills to get off of the sideline and take the lead in making sure that “students first” isn’t just some empty campaign pledge, but a true commitment to student-centered leadership. The students of ASASUD deserve to have a true voice in choosing their leader and I have confidence that Mr. Vasquez and Mr. Cano can come to a compromise that will allow students, not small groups of people, to make this decision.

J. Andrew Clark

President, ASASUW

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